Thursday, April 23, 2009

A story

This one came into my head the night before last. Hmm, shall I continue on it or let it slide?

There was nothing out of the ordinary this day. It was a fine day, with high clouds, a shining warm sun and larks practicing their aerial skills hundreds of meters above my head, small specks against the blueness of the sky.
How can you do this? He asked, concern in his voice as I felt his gaze on me.
How can I not? I answered, trying to sound as cool and uncaring as I believed a girl of the world would have to sound like, or boys as handsome as him would never ever dream of talking to her, much less agree to climb the highest tree in the yard and sway lightly in the breeze while watching the sky.
Now, what I hadn’t counted on was his severe vertigo, which had almost hindered him from climbing the tree with me, and now forced his arms into cramps as he held tightly on to the branch beneath him. be continued?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

OK, now this is interesting

... I'd REALLY like to see this documentary - "We Live In Public" by director Ondi Timoner. "We will be trapped in virtual boxes..."

Scary. Best shut this computer now and go have some real interaction with some real people :)

Quite right

Mish Shedlock puts it to us quite nicely in his latest blogpost. "...the current generation now in high school is likely going to be the first generation in America's history with a lower standard of living than their parents for quite some time to come."

Please have a read. Over in other areas the situation might be worse, or better. Still, it's going to be a new brave world, and you'd best better prepare.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So little time...

... so no time to write any blogs. Will do though, as soon as I get some time to spare.

News - The Space Trainees is in production as we speak, which is nice. Game On, the football quiz show with cross media aspects, is gaining momentum, hoping to get it into productions soonishly. And we'll shoot a pilot on the cross media celebrity personality testing show The Naked Truth later on this spring - it's all happening! :)

Some other projects going on as well - along with our paper being accepted for the Edutainment 2009 conference in Banff, Canada... so the Rockies, here I come!

Until later