Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weather is nice, and 50-50

Went out finshing last weekend. Next to no fish, but good beer, a warm sauna and great company made it really worthwhile. And the weather Saturday evening was bloody marvellous. As we rounded a small island we saw this HUGE storm moving towards usrapidly. Luckily enough, it missed us by a mile or so, but the clouds, the rainbows and the lighting was just overwhelming. The only camera I had was on my phone, so the pictures weren't that good, but here are some...

On another note - look out for the next Millionaire! Yes, 2waytraffic, who bought Celador (the production company who owned Who wants to be a Millionaire) are trying their best to cash in on their investment. Their new format is called 50-50, and is essentially a spinoff of the 50-50 lifeline from Millionaire. Contestants play in pairs to to make choices between two possibilities (read more about it here).

The only question I have is - when will the quiz show fad run out of steam? Not now,it seems, as 50-50 has already scored deals in Japan, Greece, Australia and Italy.

Perhaps I should be doing quiz shows as well...

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