Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election time

Well, if the WORLD was to choose the new leader of the US, the answer would be pretty obvious. Check out how the voting goes and cast your own vote. Almost a million people have already voted, so... Seems like McCains support is strongest in Iraq, Colombia and Eastern Europe, while the rest of the world thinks Barack is the man.

Well, I wouldn't be surprised at all if McCain still won it - for all it's "we're the leader of the free world"-talk, the US is still pretty good att f*cking up elections with silly voting systems, discarded votes, provisional votes etc etc.

If Obama would win, he'd probably stay in power for less than a year before someone would pop a cap in his *ss. That's what happens to Democrat presidents, right? If they're not impeded, that is - an even worse fate.

If you're from the US, please vote. And PLEASE vote sensibly!

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