Friday, February 16, 2007


In the US, there have been a coverage of households with television exceeding 95% sine 1970. The 98% mark was breached in 1981, and at the moment 111,400,000 of the 113,410,000 households that the US holds ( :P ) are equipped with a television.

For some reason, I'm a lot more interested in the 2,010,000 households that DON'T have a television. I can't believe that they are excentrics sitting out in the Nevada desert fiddling with their own toenails? Or SUPER-geeks who already have built their own satellite-IPTV-receivers out of an old Commodore 64?

If anyone had any statistics when it comes to households WITHOUT television, please let me know :)

In the meanwhile, here's a picture from my window where I work. The small dots out on the ice are people who are pilk-fishing (dunno the correct English word..) on the frozen sea. Must give it a go myself as well :)

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