Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out for a PICNIC?

If you're interested in cross media, in the latest findings and projects and in meeting company and research people from all over the world, you could do worse than attending PICNIC in Amsterdam in September. Topics include: The Global Mind, The Tupperware Economy, Almost Real (3D Cinema etc), Future Urban Spaces (How can we develop sustainable cities?) and Creative Leadership.

Lots of speakers as well. Should be a good thing! Perhaps we'll meet in Amsterdam later on!


Rhodri said...

Shwmai Simon, just thought I'd let you know about our brand spanking new Mercator Blog - One place for all things media, literature, translation and minority languages!

It's a joint blog, and as a regular contributor to us in print you're welcome to contribute with any interesting issues from your neck of the woods.

Speak soon!


Simon said...

I'll check it out for sure. Hwyl!